Mr.Mohammed Haneef Usta took extensive training in the field of usta art and all its aspects from his Ustad Padmashree Hisamuddin Usta, who was the only known artist of his times and this was the only reason that he was appointed as master craftsmen at Usta Camel Hide Training Centre at Bikaner where he imparted training of this art to many young people.after the demise of his ustad, Haneef was appointed as master craftsmen at the same centre.

Mohammed Haneef Usta, through out his training showed keen interest in learning all the minute skills of usta art .Both keen interest and hard work helped him to establish himself as teacher of usta art . Due to his distinguished services to Usta art, he was given Sate award of master craftsmanship in 1989 and further National award for master craftsmanship in the year 1991, besides these prestigious awards he attended various national level exhibitions, seminars and also workshops on usta art, he also represented India at Austria, Poland and panama international trade fairs in the year 1993, 2005, 2007 respectively.

Javed hasan usta is the eldest son of Haneef usta , he experienced the atmosphere of art from his childhood itself and started learning usta art besides his academic education. soon after schooling he adopted this art as his profession and efficiently handled projects of usta art at world shrines of KHWAJA MOINUDDIN HASAN CHISTY, KHWAJA QUTUBUDDIN CHISTY, KHWAJA NIZAMUDDIN AULIYA, HAZRAT AMEER KHUSRAU and besides this he engaged himself in producing usta art handicrafts.Javed also ably assisted his father at many craft exhibitions and workshops .